2 Ways To Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy That Every Woman Should Know


You probably know all about your body’s various systems.

These collections of organs and vessels are each responsible for a different function: Your circulatory system brings oxygen all over your body, for example, and your digestive system is responsible for getting nutrients into your body to keep it healthy.

But there’s one very important system that everyone forgets about — the lymphatic system.

Technically, the lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system, and kind of operates like its quiet, shadowy twin. A system of lymphatic vessels carries a clear liquid called lymph, which is responsible for helping move your blood around as well as for serving as a line of defense against sickness. It’s full of all kinds of white blood cells.

And because it’s responsible for not only moving things throughout your body and out of your body, your lymphatic system often comes into contact with nasty things, like bacteria, viruses, and substances that your body would rather get rid of.

For women, this is especially important to remember. Major lymph nodes, which are organs full of immune cells, are located under the armpits and behind the breasts, making that area a hotspot for potential health risks, and why you need to pay extra attention to that area.

Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is key to keeping your whole body healthy, and for maintaining breast health. Learn a few tips below to keep your body in great shape.

What Is Your Lymphatic System?

Your lymphatic system serves two major functions: it transports material, the same way your blood does, and it’s responsible for your immune system.

The lymphatic system also collects extra fluid from your other organs and returns it to the bloodstream.