People are not sure whether this guy’s reaction was appropriate or not!


People are not sure whether this guy’s reaction was appropriate or not!


It’s difficult to say how you would react if the person next to you started to fall off a cliff, and fortunately most of us will never find ourselves in such a position.

Would you freeze in terror or reach out a desperate arm in time to pull them back up to safety?

Unfortunately for YouTube personality Jay Alvarrez, his filmed reaction to model Mary Shum tumbling from a Mallorcan cliff earned him a pile of internet criticism.

Bikini-clad Mary had attempted to jump into the ocean, when she lost her grip. Panicking, she tried to reach to Jay for help, grabbing his ankles as she slipped perilously close to some jagged rocks.

However, his reaction was to move his legs out of the way; allowing for the sickening plunge.

The video was viewed thousands of times, and people on Reddit – where the baffling footage was shared – were confused and angry about Jay’s inaction.

Some just couldn’t understand why the young man couldn’t have at least tried to stop the woman from tumbling from the edge after she lost her footing.

However, others were slightly more sympathetic, noting how his leg jerking away was probably just a natural reaction:

He would have been dragged down with her if he let her grab him, and it’s instinct to back up if someone grabs for you.

Fortunately, Mary survived the fall, and her then-husband Alexander ‘Sasha’ Tikhomirov – who shot the footage – was able to explain the situation in more detail.