Top 10 reasons for acne emergence


Among the most common skin diseases today, our uninvited guests are not welcomed by the person who steals the door of acne. Often ‘how it goes’ can be treated easily because it is neglected by thought, but it can progress to a permanent trail. As a result, the loss of self-confidence in the person’s inner closeness, hele hele can cause psychological problems until the depression in the most sensitive periods of the youth.

Acıbadem Bahçeşehir Medical Center Dermatology Specialist Mehmet Özeren says that the treatment can last for a long time because there is a chronic picture of the aknen which also appears in the shoulders, back and chest area as well as the face. Especially in 90 percent of young people, although it shows itself not only in puberty, but also in vitamins, vitamins, cosmetic products, cigarettes, stress factors that can cause many stress.

Mehmet Özeren “Because the causes of Aknen are very diverse, they require different approaches in their treatment. Even if the traces left by the aknen are reduced by the frequently applied CO2 laser nowadays, it is much more important to be treated without coming to this stage “. Dr. Mehmet Özeren told about 10 important reasons leading to akneye, important warnings and suggestions were found.

The hormones that change with puberty naturally cause some changes in the skin of the people. This hormonal effect increases the amount of fat produced at the bottom. The increase in activity in the sebaceous glands starts with the accumulation and clogging of the cells in the opening parts of these glands and the first phase of the formation of the aknes. Then, inflammation occurs with the bacterial infection. This table is causing the formation of cystic structures in black and white spots on the person, puffy swellings, red stains or even nuts. Acne rashes are seen in oily areas such as the face, back, shoulder and chest.

The use of cosmetic materials and intensive cosmetics is one of the important reasons for the developing aknenna after puberty. Sometimes acne formation can develop after months of using the product, so it can get away from your attention. For this reason, the potential of acne-makers in the selection of cosmetic products must be well studied. The products that are used for easy scanning of hair and shaping hair can cause black spots.

Nerve and stress
As it can cause excessive stress, the person can be scarring and scarring with a small amount of acne or rough nails that he sometimes finds unintentionally when he is under particularly stressful conditions. As a result, a table that does not respond to acne treatment and leaves traces and stains comes into play. When this disease is suspected, psychological support besides acne treatment is also important for the success of the treatment.

Drugs and vitamins
Acne sometimes comes as a side effect of treatment. Drugs that cause acne lead to long-term oral cortisone treatments. The use of anabolic steroids, some medications, and long-term vitamin B use by the athletes may also cause acne or exacerbate the current symptoms. For this reason, reports of acne complaints and the names of medicines and vitamins used by dermatologists to the doctor are of great importance for the success of the treatment.

Polycystic Over Syndrome
Dermatology Specialist Mehmet Özeren stated that some diseases may cause acne and should be mentioned as ‘simple acne’. For example, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is very common in women, is also called ovarian cysts; heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, infertility and obesity, hair loss from voice loss, hair growth can lead to many diseases, as well as can cause fatigue and accidents. For this reason, if you have acne in your body after 20 years of age, or if your aches starting in adolescence continue to last for more than 10 years, you should consider the possibility of ovarian cysts.

Dr. Mehmet Özeren “Resistance to acne treatment, failure to treat and recurrence can be a sign of ovarian cysts. Current findings, together with hormone tests and imaging methods, can reach us with evidence to confirm the suspicion. Once the diagnosis of ovarian cyst is confirmed, the recommended diet and sports activities and hormonal therapies will accelerate the recovery of acne. It can be an important clue to a simple acne hormone disorder! ”

Watch out for your baby!

Acne formation can also be seen during newborn and infancy. It is presumed that the hormones that are passed on to the mother are effective even though the cause is unknown. While some of them go through simple treatments, if the height of the hormone is accompanied by other findings, it can indicate a genetic hormonal disorder in the infants.