How to Make Prominent Ear Aesthetics ?


As you all know, the “ear” is one of the complementary elements that provide harmony in facial aesthetics. The buzzing ear, which is the most common shape disorder in the society, is a serious genetic problem that affects the psychology of the people and the communication in the society according to other aesthetic problems.

Many sociological surveys have shown that students who are mocked by their friends by their friends during childhood and school tend to be less successful and less likely to leave school. Scooped ears, which restrict women’s freedom to use hair, tend to use long hair in men, and they have to camouflage their hair and ears.

I would like to talk about the details of the scoop ear aesthetic surgery that allows you to get rid of this problem today.

How to Make Prominent Ear Aesthetics ?

The ear has a very special curved structure and roughly leads to two factors for the buccal formation of the ear. The first of these; the folds of the ear have insufficient angulation, and the second is that ear cartilage is larger and deeper than normal. The surgical techniques that need to be applied for two different situations are also different.

Surgical and Non-hemoptic Surgery

More than 200 surgical techniques have been described for buccal ear surgery throughout history. One of these is the technique that is applied with the spine and without cutting. During surgery without cutting or hemostasis, surgical needles are placed in the ear to shape the ears through the small holes that open behind the ear. After about 15 minutes, no swelling or bruising occurs in the ear.After these operations, the recovery time of the patient is shorter than the recovery time of the patient who is operated with the classical method. The ear is kept wrapped in a soft bed of cotton for the first 3 days after surgery. After that, the ear is fully opened and it is recommended to sleep with an elastic bandage application which will be overtaken for a week during sleep only at night.

Older ones are very advantageous

The ideal age for buccal ear surgery is 5-6 years old, when children can adjust to dressings and before the school starts. Buccal ear surgery, which is done with and without cutting, is more effective in patients who are usually younger and whose cartilage tissues are not yet hardened. If the cartilaginous tissues are too hard and thick, the strength of the implants placed in the ear may become insufficient over time and the ears may return to their original state.

Most Important Criteria: Patient Selection

As a result of my studies, I can say that choosing the correct technique for the right patient is the most important criterion for success in scoop ear operations. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages. So it would not be right for any technique to say better than the others. The most accurate technique for different patients and ears can be different. For this reason, it is very important to know all the techniques very well and to decide which technique to choose for which patient.