Different Fiber Examples


We do not think that fiber and pouch cultures are used as much in our country as in traditional bath culture.Lif examples in virtual environment I will share with you the knitted fiber models you have not encountered before in this article.

Lining is a little bit simpler than other fabrics, but as the motifs and patterns on it increase, the work gets a bit more difficult. It is made different and beautiful by adding leaf patterned fiber models, small elegant motifs and leaf patterned fiber sample in our preview photo.

I wanted to present to you by bringing together beautiful examples of fiber that I have found from my country and foreign sources. This dowry is also preferred in bundles of fiber models. I hope you are models that you have not seen before. Let’s take a look at our 2014 fiber models;

Hello, we brought 2014 fingerless glove models together for you. I will continue to share our gallery, the more elegant and stylish looking crocheted fingerless glove specimens, all of which are stylish and beautifully woven in the form of knitted gloves. In particular, beaded gloves with lace-embroidered edges in our braided gloves are very stylish and elegant.

We are planning to write a detailed article on crochet construction. If you follow this share on our site you can reach us later. If you have shared the glove style wrist heater construction in this location before, you can examine it.

From the day our babies were born, we will present them as photo galleries by bringing together the models of baby vests and weave baby boots that they can wear warmly and chilly when they grow a little for our eyes and for the puppies that we have always protected. You can see girls’ baby boots and baby boots mixed up.

In another post we shared the infant girl’s baby dress model with our babies again. If you are interested, you can check out this position or browse the baby cardigan models. The second weft knitting model that we will present to you will be an example of a button knitted weft. Especially on your winter buttoned coat, it will look very nice. You can get a very stylish look by choosing your coats or buttons that match your jacket’s buttons.

Let’s begin to slowly knit our winter clothes in these days when we are split. In cool autumn and winter days we want to start sharing with you various models of weft knitting that will protect you from the cold. The first weft knitting example we will share is a model you can learn without using any knitting pincers or needles. You can only sample this weft pattern using your hand.

You will use it in the way you see it in your hands in different colors, and continue this process by stretching it to the desired length. Then connect the weft models we made in the pictures to each other. Finally, to make the weave weft model end-to-end, create the ornament that you see in the picture and add the scarf.