10 People Whose REAL AGE You Would NEVER Guess


10 celebrities whose real age will surprise you!
There are two types of celebrities in the world. There are those who look older than they are, and those who are much younger than they appear. We’re going to show you celebs from both groups, and you’ll be surprised when we tell you their biological age! Looks can be deceiving, so just wait until you hear how old Rodrigo Alves “The Human Ken Doll,” Margot Robbie, Sarah Hyland, Sam Smith, and Sandra Bullock really are. We guarantee you’ll be shocked. This is: 10 People Whose Real Age You Wont Believe.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster starred in “Game of Thrones” before his characters untimely death. Many viewers were convinced he was really young due to his appearance. But come to find out, Brodie-Sangster is actually a lot older! He’s not the only one who fooled us. Singer Fergie, actress Troian Bellisario of “Pretty Little Liars,” and Anna Faris are all much older, too. But they have one thing in common: They’re all drop dead gorgeous!

Sam Smith is another star who is younger than we thought. Although he sings the kind of deep and soulful songs you’d expect from a veteran entertainer, Smith’s real age will shock you! And just wait until you hear how old Danielle Bregoli is. She’s the viral Internet sensation who rose to fame when she said, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah” on the “Dr. Phil” show.

If you’d like to find out these stars’ real ages, you’ll have to watch our video. Make sure to let us know which of these celebs’ real age shocked you the most!