Colorful Knitted Flower Motif


Beloved followers who are interested in ladies and handmade knitting models today want to show you the colorful crochet motif of knitted flowers. In the previous lecture I mentioned to followers who are interested in ladies and knitting models because my site comes from many countries.

Colorful Knitted Flower Motif

In our country, this type of knitting work, flower motif, ribbon, lace work is known to us as a work of ladies. But there are many men in foreign countries doing this job. In fact, I have shared two topics here that describe the production of knitted crochet berets as a video. It is a foreigner who tells about the construction of berets in these matters and is the one who is going to die.

Colorful Knitted Flower Motif

The videodan is obvious to me as much as I understand that he was doing this job professionally.There was a thread crochet thread and another male told him. I will share these three topics with you below to see those who do not see this topic. We see men doing knitting work besides ladies.

Colorful Knitted Flower MotifColorful Knitted Flower Motif

Anyway the ladies will share this crochet flower motif with so vivid colors that it looks like real. This colorful knitted flower motif can be used as decoration or decorating material at home, or you can attach it to a knot, a bamboo or a blanket, and make it much more modular and vibrant.

the brother is more suitable for babies and girls than the children. I think your flower motif is very easy to make and you will do it with caution. I am adding lots of pictures so that all the details of the construction stages and the details of the construction are obvious.