Are Sunflower Seeds Healthy For You Or Not? Everything You Need To Know


Many fond memories from my childhood have one particular thing in common: sunflower seeds. For most of my youth, they were my absolute favorite snack.

No summer car trip was complete without a big bag of salted sunflower seeds. I remember the glee of popping them open with my teeth, spitting the shell out into a little can or, even better, out the car window, and crunching on the little yummy seed.

As I grew up, I began to wonder if sunflower seeds were actually healthy for me. Was there a chance I was consuming too many of these salty seeds? Should I consider replacing them with a different treat altogether, like these yummy-looking blueberry snacks?

In this article, we’ll discuss if your sunflower seed intake has nutritional benefits, or if you should only be enjoying them in moderation. We’ll also find out if too many sunflower seeds can be bad for your health.

These tiny snacks are yummy and fun to crack open, but are there dangers lurking inside those salty shells? Keep reading to find out more!

Are Sunflower Seeds Healthy?