2 Winter Foods That Are Especially Beneficial To Your Health When It’s Cold Out


When the weather outside is frightful, it can be tough not to pack on some pounds. The general gloominess always seems to get the best of us.

Between a lack of activity and the ability to cover ourselves up in deceptive layers, we’re all guilty of adding a little winter weight.

Of course, feeling good is even more important than looking good. Unfortunately, our moods more often than not end up reflecting the weather.

It can be easy to shut yourself inside in the winter and not pay very much attention to what you put in your mouth.

However, certain foods you can find at your grocery store have been proven to help beat the many symptoms of winter blues.

So, instead of letting the weather get the best of you, learn about the ways you can improve your health and well being by strategically eating these winter foods that will not disappoint.

1. Clementines

Clementines are a staple during Christmastime.

According to Food Network, these little orange balls of goodness are in their peak season from October to January.

Not only are they some of the freshest fruit you can get, they are also packed with vitamin C, which we all know is essential for boosting your immune system when it’s cold outside.

2. Yogurt

Exposure to the elements in the winter often results in dry skin that’s hard to soothe

Other than moisturizing regularly, the food you eat can also has positive skin benefits.

Yogurt contains fermented milk, which can help make your skin supple and healthy.

A study reported by World Health found that groups of women who ate yogurt for four weeks showed much higher levels of skin hydration than those who didn’t. This means adding yogurt to your diet might help fight dryness and tightness.