This ones not for the faint hearted! Choose to either take the leap of faith yourself or be propelled at the mercy of the twisted jump crew. Leaving the specially constructed launch platform 109m above the Shotover River below, feel the acceleration as you freefall 60m at speeds of 150kmh. Hurtling towards the awaiting river you’ll feel the ropes gently kick in and just when the adrenaline was hitting max your launched into a 200m arcing swing towards the sheer rock faces of the Shotover canyons.

You will then complete a couple of massive swings before you slowly come to rest approximately 100m below the departure platform. They then winch you swiftly back up to the platform with a huge smile on your face, a memory you will not forget in a hurry and underwear that needs cleaning. The beauty of this adventure is that you can jump off whatever way you like, with over 70 different jump styles there is something to cater from the most hard core adventure junkie, to those looking the burst out of their comfort zone.

With specially designed leg, waist and chest harness and a comprehensive safety briefing from one of the expert/twisted team, you’ll feel as comfortable a humanly possible, knowing your about to take the plunge off the ‘world’s highest cliff jump’. And all of this only a 15 minute drive from Queenstown. Allow 2.5 hours return and with small personalized group numbers there is plenty of time for more than one jump.


  • 109m high
  • 60m free fall
  • Swing over 200 meters out into the Shotover Canyon
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