The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks



Don’t overlook weight loss. You can attenuate these methods easily. The only thing you need to start to lose weight is 1 minute! Here are 25 suggestions to reduce the calories you get and to burn more fat. Moreover, they are very easy to apply. If you have to do this, implement these suggestions daily. If you are already dieting, you can accelerate your weight loss by applying them.

1. Shuffle Mix your favorite fruit juice with mineral water. In doing so, you’ll use half of the juice you normally drink, so you’re significantly reducing the calories you’re taking. Especially in those hot summer days when fruit juices are consumed abundantly.

2. Use a cordless phone Why not burn calories while giving your best friend the hot rumors of the day? Wash the laundry (68 calories), prepare the table (85 calories), or water the flowers (102 calories). (These values ​​are valid for a person weighing 68 kilos and half an hour.)

3. Chewing gum According to some recent research, chewing sugarless (sweet / chewing gum) chewing gum all day increases your metabolic rate by 20 percent. We’re liars of researchers!

4. Pay cash for junk food When you agree that someone should offer you junk food or something that you shouldn’t eat, put a 500 hundred thousand liras aside and give it to your child, brother, or beggar. Once the particles start to fall out of your pocket, you will learn to say no.

5. Pay attention to packaging. Because caloric values ​​are usually reported over 100 grams. However, if you eat more than 100 grams, you are getting a lot more calories.

6. Caffeine provides the release of fatty acids for green tea before walking. This will make it easier to burn fat. In addition, polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) found in green tea, combined with caffeine increase the amount of calories burned. However, if you have high blood pressure, ignore this recommendation.

7. Bring your food from home Outside eating often causes you to have more calories. You can prepare things at home and bring them with you.

8. If you also want salad dressing tarife Then make your own salad dressing according to this recipe. Because the amount of fat in this sauce is 1.5 g and the calories it contains are only 20. • 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar • Quarter teaspoon of olive oil • 3/4 teaspoon of dijon mustard • Quarter teaspoon of horseradish

9. Carry out a blood test The thyroid glands of one of approximately 12 women are not working well enough, which is one of the factors that slow the metabolism.

10. Choose water Use soft drinks to your preference. It may be useful to have a bottle with you.

11. Mislead your sense of taste Dissolving one of the menthol dragees for cough in your mouth can make this feeling blunt when you feel something.

12. Use spices Adding bitterness to your diet can help you get hungry for a longer time.

13. For water like white or water, low-fat milk has a satisfying effect. Moreover, it is rich in calcium and keeps it satiated.

14. Don’t cut and slice the salad ingredients. Your salad doesn’t just have to be green. Carrot, celery, pumpkin and other vegetables can also be used. But cut them into big pieces instead of chopping them finely. It takes longer to eat, and more chewing. This allows you to eat faster and eat less than the main meal.

15. Call a friend If you feel alone, prefer to take the phone with you instead of hitting yourself.

16. Write down what you eat This is what helps you control yourself because you know what you eat.

17. Retire the remote control Tools such as the remote control simplify your work, but immobilize you.

18. Choose spray oils So you’ll notice that you use a lot less fat than you normally use.

19. Take the small one when you buy For example you bought a chocolate, instead of a bar, take a package, you eat 44 percent more. No need to risk, take your little one, reduce the calories.

20. Measure food before cooking When eating foods such as pasta and rice, you can miss more and eat more. However, if you measure and eat as much as you need to eat from the beginning, this problem will be eliminated. Let’s say that 4 spoons of pasta or rice, 1 slice of bread is equal.

21. It won’t eat without mirror Looking at yourself in the mirror while you eat allows you to eat 22-32% less.

22. Wait before opening the box Before opening the freezer box, pull out 10 push-ups, 10 push-ups. This can kill both your appetite for snacking and you can recall your goals by re-communicating with your body.