Knitting Water Wool Fabric


I share with you the theme of making water gilding in the picture exhibition. The lily of the lantern is very beautiful. I hope you like it. Creativity is no longer bound, and weaving is becoming increasingly used in flower making.

One of the reasons for this tendency is that they are depicted on internet and are attracted to the person concerned. In order to visually stimulate this issue and make more of the narrative than pictorial lattice flower making, the narration is given as a flower-making practice with pictorial narration.

It is advisable to decide where to use your flower before it starts to make knitting flowers. A flower of a gigantic size to be used in a small piece of fabric will not give a pleasant image and will provide sufficient efficiency in terms of usage.

For knitting flower making, it is first necessary to choose one that can be enjoyed in crochet flower patterns and which can be done with pleasure. In general, crochet flowers are preferred because of the naturally occurring spacing to make the motifs both quicker and break between motifs. In the city, the flower motifs are described with the crochet, chamomile, hyacinth, daffodil, chrysanthemum, roses and water damask making and crocheted flowers and their illustrations.

Secondly, it is necessary to decide whether to be done for fabric or in vase or pot-like material. After these steps, a decision must be made to choose the appropriate rope color for the nature of the flower. Rarely, a blue smile can be very cheerful. Flowers will be a visual feast, even in the motif of weave.

Girls, I went into the macrome mesh. I would like to share with you today the theme of tulip construction with macrome mesh. We will talk about many models that you can use instead of many of your home, and at the same time you can do it yourself. If it is the most beautiful of these; Made of tulle with macrome mesh. As you know, we talked about making flowers and making macromes and wristbands.

Here is the most beautiful tulip construction. This is a variety you can use in any kind of place and at the same time you can easily do it. Although it seems difficult to look at it for a moment, it is actually so easy and enjoyable to build. We hope that you will not have any difficulty with this care.