Knitting Pattern Model


New patterns and models of the fibers coming from the beginning of hand braid, hand pant, eye nuru dowry pieces come out every day. If you can get the fibers ready as well, the hand knit fibers will never be in place. This is why when the dowry chests are being laid, attention is given to the fibers that are used as well as the summer patches.

You can do hand knit fibers with swollen knitting as well as crochet knitting. Models made with crochet are much more expensive than those made with skewers. Crochet knitting can make each lady easily own her own fiber.

Fiber models made with crochet are quite extensive. Almost every color is used while the fiber is made, but more of the colors are pink, powder, cream, white, purple, blue, yellow, green and red. In addition to the models that these colors are used singly, there are also fiber models in which two or more colors are used together.

Among the fiber samples made with crochet, strawberry model, bridal groom model, flower basket model, nazar broom model are among the most preferred and made models. If you want to model the fiber round, you can do it if you want square or long rectangular shape. If you are making fiber for dowry preparations, instead of knitting over a single pattern, you should knit in small increments in each model. So instead of being in the same model, it will be more varied.

The newest fiber models are still made with the chickpea pattern as usual. Although the chickpea pattern seems to be difficult to make at first glance, you will actually see how easy it is to grasp your technique.

Those who are looking for the latest fiber models of crochet can look at the images on our site. There are more difficult and heavier models among those who are skilled in knitting as well as being a simple model for beginners on our site. By choosing the model you want, you can use your desired colors and hand-made eye nose fibers with ease.