13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas


Clothes are the elements that reveal people’s psychology. In the dressing elements where the character features are also influential, there are emergent situations such as aggressive, shy, moving, tense personality. The clothes are talking to our place, revealing the most secrets.

Apparel influences the first judgment that people give us when they look at us at a very important level. In this way, it becomes a means of visual communication. People think that the people who are dressed match their clothes or characters, or they direct the clothing according to their character and taste. It should not be forgotten that this is not a real judgment but a judgment that is open to living and learned conditions. It should be taken into account that while we can lead people to mislead and judge, there may be cases where there may occasionally be an instinctual share of truth.

Clothes are used as a means of communication in some places. For example, it can be a guiding element in our values. For example, we have a mental conclusion about the person, either by the height of a woman’s job, or in a conservative way of dressing. Later on, he is making a judgment on that person’s vital task. For example, we create judgments like students, business women, housewives. As a result of these, our mind also gives an impression of what kind of position we are in our business life and how we have a social circle.

Each can create the impression that a woman with a high heeled footwear has a well-structured and feminine structure of a woman, whose hair is always built, and that she is a regular woman with a sense of ridicule and perpetual alertness. Following this, we see that a woman with horse-tailed hair, a jean that does not compromise her comfort, a sporty shoe that looks extremely comfortable on her leg, such as a hung t-shirt, is not too conservative to wear comfortably and hung. We are, however, convinced that a woman who is working but who is on vacation is either a student or a housewife who is not working.

When we see a wrinkled, thin, sloppy dressed person, we think that he is a person who does not care about his life and does not care about many things. But on the contrary, we decide that people who are dressed entirely in the brand and who show these brands in front of others will be a person who is trying to earn respect and independence. For a gentleman wearing a very striking and bright tie at a job interview, we are commenting that he is someone who needs attention on his attention.The tie, respectability and self-respect that men consider to be particularly important in business terms. The tie, which creates the impression of being a responsible person, draws attention with the fact that people make a reputation for their perspective. Perhaps for this reason, it is the most important indispensable accessory of the suit in terms of more confident caregivers or an important job interview by properly tie stylish beige ties on special nights.
As well as the style of clothes, colors are also a very important issue. For example, let us imagine a business woman. Two women and managers at the same level. Two people without superiority in each case. They wear the same suit, they look the same, but one prefers black classical color while the other prefers to wear the same set of burgundy colors. When our mind creates a judgment between two women, it works as follows; one is dressed in black and has a classical appearance and a more reassuring woman, and the other is in the impression of a woman with a dominant character who loves to be different, who loves to attract attention. And these judges, those who have seen those women for the first time in their lives, and who do not recognize them, together with the work of the mind that they see, then form judgments. Colors are sometimes able to tell their growing styles, people’s moods, even the working sector.